Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson, founder and managing director of Photonic Insights is a deep technology entrepreneur who designs and builds IoT devices for real-time materials analysis. He is a project evaluator for EIT Health where he uses his expertise in Photonics, Spectroscopy, Hardware, Med Tech and Artificial Intelligence to support Pan-European development of advanced medical technology. Mike is a Business Mentor for the German Accelerator South East Asia supporting German startups entering the ASEAN market. A passionate supporter of the deep technology community in Berlin and Asia. He is a guest researcher at Fraunhofer IZM where he launched Photonic Insights at Fraunhofer’s Start a Factory. Mike returns the generosity of the deep technology community by actively supporting hackathons. He has served as a mentor and organizer for events in Bangkok, Iraq, Berlin, and other locations around the world. Recently as a project lead for the EUvsVirus hackathon, Mike was part of the team that delivered the world record-setting event. Prior to founding Photonic Insights, Mike was the Enterprise IoT architect for True Digital of Bangkok, Thailand. Mike enjoys Surfing, traveling the globe to find the perfect wave when time permits.