Ruo-Mei Chua is Founder and Chief Impact Officer of SUTW Impact Consulting, a training consultancy that works closely with universities and corporations to develop millennial professional from 20 to 40. Key topics include Brand Storytelling, Startup & Corporate Pitching, and Values-Driven Vision Design. A linguistic dork by nature, Ruo Mei has lived and worked in five countries and speaks four main languages- English, Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish. She has been featured on Singapore and Japan’s largest news networks Channel NewsAsia and NHK World, moderated events for global conglomerates such as NatGeo and interviewed guests from ministers to presidents and CEOs. A mentor by disposition, Ruo Mei has a heart particularly for coaching millennial professionals to discover and achieve their fullest potential- and has personally trained/spoken to more than 10,000 people worldwide. Ruo Mei graduated from Brown University and is delighted to be back speaking at CSC 2018.